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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Great grandfather, family and workers at Jutlibari

If you were still wondering about why I have this blog, this is the reason and proof. My great grandfather Charles Ramage Blake, in the centre (affectionately known as Granddad Blake) opened up the land in Assam which became the Jutlibari Tea Garden. My great grandmother, a Khasis, is sitting to his right and my grandmother is sitting second from the right.

I love this picture, which has scanned so well, because it shows the Jutlibari tea sign.

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Anonymous said...

I came accross this whilst looking for information on Jutlibari and reference to my Grandfather. My mother is Nellie and she is one of the daughters of Charles and Nessie (I think that is her name). Great photos of the estate. I visited Grandfather when I was only about 3 yrs that was some 50 years ago.